Restorative dental care – means the treatment of dental caries, tooth injuries and complications related to the same. It also includes endodontics.

Aesthetic dental care – endeavours to repair tooth defects so as to improve the original appearance of the client. It includes photo composite fillings, all-ceramic fillings, facets and bridges made with the use of the CEREC technology, and teeth whitening.

Prosthetic dental care – deals with the replacement of lost teeth. It includes fixed and removable dentures and implants.

Surgical dental care – includes interventions such as surgical tooth extractions, root apex resection, intraoral incision, sutures after injuries, periodontal interventions.

Dental hygiene – includes proper tooth brushing training, advice on suitable dental hygiene tools, tartar removal, air-flow, teeth whitening.


Our dental care clinic does not cooperate with health insurance companies. That means that the client pays for the treatment in full.

We wish to provide professional care to our clients, which in our opinion means to use the most modern procedures and materials, as well as to apply an individual and friendly approach and to ensure a painless treatment.

Treatment paid by health insurance companies is often on a rather provisional level, using outdated materials and procedures, which is incompatible with our philosophy of complex approach.

During the first visit you will undergo a complex initial examination. It costs CZK 1,250 and includes the panoramic X-ray, the so-called bitewing X-ray images, which are intraoral images detecting interdental caries, and a detailed examination of the condition of teeth and gums. Based on the results of the examination, we will draw up a treatment plan and a price quote and answer all your questions. 

Our complete pricelist is available in the office.

Remember that an investment in your health is the most convenient one!

Our clinic is equipped with the newest technology. We have the CEREC technology, which enables us to make all-ceramic fillings, facets, crowns and bridges in just one visit.

 As a matter of course, we also offer panoramic X-ray, digital intraoral X-ray, instrumental endodontic treatment and high-frequency current.

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